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Monday, February 27th, 2017
6:07 pm
domain freeze
Clienthold sucks. If you do a whois and you see this:
Domain Status: clientHold https://icann.org/epp#clientHold

Well call your registar and see what they want. Your email is probably wrong, and they can't get ahold of you.

This status code indicates that your registrar has asked the registry to delete your domain. Your domain will be held in this status for 30 days. After five calendar days following the end of the redemptionPeriod, your domain is purged from the registry database and becomes available for registration.

If you want to keep your domain, you must immediately contact your registrar to resolve whatever issues resulted in your registrar requesting that your domain be deleted, which resulted in the redemptionPeriod status for your domain. Once any outstanding issues are resolved and the appropriate fee has been paid, your registrar should restore the domain on your behalf.

This status code tells your domain's registry to not activate your domain in the DNS and as a consequence, it will not resolve. It is an uncommon status that is usually enacted during legal disputes, non-payment, or when your domain is subject to deletion. Often, this status indicates an issue with your domain that needs resolution. If so, you should contact your registrar to resolve the issue. If your domain does not have any issues, but you need it to resolve, you must first contact your registrar and request that they remove this status code.
Thursday, February 2nd, 2017
9:25 pm

Good times in Nevada
9:17 pm
Nevada survey
A Nevada survey marker says kmep Cnx survey, 2008

Anyone know what this is? I think it may have to do with a gas line? This was near freeway, south of Las Vegas.
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017
2:03 pm
I talked to a "air assault" veteran from world war 2. I saw him at the market with his military ball cap. I chase him down and tell Mason to come here and listen to the conversation.
"Excuse me sir, did you parachute out of airplanes?" I asked.
"Huh, oh. See that, on my hat?" says the veteran.
"Yes. . .it looks like a helicopter." I say.
"Nope, it has no propellers!" he says with a smile.
"Umm. . .looks like a helicopter." I say again.
"No. . .a glider!"
"Oh, world war 2 glider!" I say.
"Yes, now you know how old I am!"
"Umm wow that was some time ago" I say.
"Did you jump out of those?"
"No, no way to get out. no doors" he says with a smile. If only I could peek a bit inside his memory. What stories he must have.
I think about the aircraft. . . why no doors? The gliders must have been so cheaply built they had more of like a trapdoor or like a flap of material that was used as the door? Maybe taped up or something? Hmm.
"yes three airplanes, c40 or c46, they launch in threes, they pulled us up. then cut the rope" the man says.
I walk away in disbelief that the man is 80+ years old and doing his own shopping at stater brothers market. He looks pretty good to be from world war 2. I imagine what he must have looked like as a tall soldier back in the day.
"That was cool, I liked that" Mason says of the conversation.
1:49 pm
good news site
daily mail. Love the pictures, and not worried about offending, most of the time. Here is a classic daily mail story of a air race disaster. i got to read their news more often.
Sunday, December 25th, 2016
1:03 pm
workout - steps

Made this video to show an easy step workout, using weights. The steps are small, so you have to balance a bit.
Sunday, December 11th, 2016
10:57 pm
How to manage your time while learning. Are you in the learning mood? check out these, from ACM.org.

Saturday, November 19th, 2016
6:00 am
azure studies
A link to my azure studies (brain dump) for microsoft test 70-533. Implementing microsoft azure Infrastructure. The cloud is no longer a lofty dream, it is the way to go. You need to accomplish apps on the internet? You will be considering the cloud, or are you just are naive?

my study guide:
Note *Copyright Rod Deluhery / with fair use duplication of microsoft (public) documents.

Certification: MCSA / MCSE
Sunday, October 30th, 2016
5:27 pm
good read - audio book
I'd like to read more from Theodore. This is a pretty easy read, something you can listen to while doing chores. Really good documentary / nature audio book.
In the book Theodore has Kermit with him, which is his son. Misleading is that there is another Kermit, Kermit Roosevelt Jr. Kermit named his son after well, his own name. The later Kermit worked for the early CIA, and was part of a coup in Iran.

Kermits role in the coup, that's old history and I can only imagine the world then. I know that my father told me, communism back then was a big deal. Communism was like a plague and it was moving everywhere (even in the US). Communism was down right frightful to many, for good reason. Communism was even trying to infiltrate the workers unions, as my Dad told me. To halt communism, well a lesser evil must be done. Did Kermit really believe he would be helping the US? I am sure he did believe that, and in some ways that did help the US. . .as time passes, was it such a good idea for the US to be part of that coup?
Thursday, October 27th, 2016
4:00 am
nature report
Feedback loop: Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs as part of a chain of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop. The system can then be said to feed back into itself. We don't know all the circuits, how nature interacts with nature. Without this knowledge, we are experimenting. Destruction of feedback loops can lead to serious problems. Ecosystem services rely on feedback loops.
Can we fix our problem of species loss? Be nice to planet earth, there are not many nearby planets like ours.

Friday, October 7th, 2016
8:47 pm
looking at some pics I took of a US Navy ship in the Pacific Ocean.
Made me think about the stress on the bridge whenever the ship is operating close to shore. I hated being up there some times. In this pic I can see a guy with gold feathers on his cap, maybe the captain of the ship? Freak an egg, especially if the captain gets up on deck. Sitting there dropping anchor and then pulling anchor, yep stress city in the bridge. Constant readings. . .constant lookouts, where is that sailboat? How far from shore? Depth reading please!! What a pain. Glad I didn't have to be up there much for that.

Much rather do watch when sailing the open seas in 2000 feet deep water. Much less stress.
I do remember a time in the middle of the pacific ocean, very far from anywhere, when the captain walked up into the bridge.
"what in the hell? OFFICER OF the deck, what is this???" the captain said.
Everyone thought, oh shit. Someone is in trouble.
The captain goes on a rampage on the officer of the deck and calls to get the navigator, or someone from what I recall. It has been like uhh over 20 years ago now.
"How did we get water level this low?" the Captain asks.
The fresh water of the ship had become very low. On a steam powered ship like the LSD-36 USS Anchorage, this is a cause for concern. The captain should have been notified before the fresh water level became low!
8:21 pm
spy on you
looks like its time to go back to postal mail. Yes the government can read my postal mails also, but it takes more effort, and I doubt they would get much from the average person if they tried to intercept every postal letter. I suppose they did that back in world war II and could be done again. How afraid is our government? Or, is this more about certain people being afraid? Like someone revealing a complete failure of a top secret program, all from one contractor? Or the failure of a overseas outpost whose security was mismanaged from someone(s). There is a money trail here.
As someone who worked in a top-secret program, I understand that most people in those programs are good honest, hard working people.
Sure maybe our government is trying to keep us safe. I am glad you trust them. I don't.

Yahoo Scanned eMail for US Government
Sunday, September 11th, 2016
9:42 pm
Senville Ac mini split heat pump install
Installed and working good. It was not easy, but with help of Ac guy to fill it with refrigerant, its now an easy way to cool the end of the house. Used pinball machine legs ( l bar steel with bolt holes) to mount outside unit. See pics

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
5:47 pm
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016
8:06 pm
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
7:56 am
michael murphy

dropped anchor for a bit, then took off to the blue ocean. Haze gray and underway.
7:52 am
ship michael murphy DDG 112

7/19/2016 Went fishing, took some pics.
Brings memories of the Navy life.
Sunday, July 10th, 2016
8:48 pm
gps and autos
Self driving, self aware automobiles are coming. Your phone is already mostly there (self aware). This v2x technology works right above the top frequency of 802.11 at 5.9 gigahertz. Get ready for robot cars.

Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) wireless technology, collectively known as V2X, improves road safety, reduces traffic congestion and enhances the overall passenger experience.

Friday, June 24th, 2016
5:16 am
selling these lockers, made in USA. Pickup only in Riverside, california

Sunday, June 19th, 2016
3:11 pm
moms mom. 1929 fort worth, Texas.
Conversation with my mom. She is 85, born on 31st of December 1929. Lorene Deluhery.

Moms house here in Fort Worth Texas is about where I think it was from conversations where she said that she would walk over the train bridge. Here the train bridge is to the east. Van Zandt Gunn Park, maybe the one she is talking about. Perhaps wrong and she lived on east annie street. She said her address had three (3) numbers in it. Google maps shows a undeveloped, old looking area. Wow maybe it hasn't changed much in 85 years. Bad part of town, not popular! There is a modern apartment complex to the west.

"Van Zandt elementary is the schoold we all went to." said mom.
I asked mom about her house, still trying to picture it in my head.
"We had electricity. . several big rooms. But no electricity in the bathrooms. We had to take a bath before the sun went down. Damn house, doors wouldn't shut or lock." mom says.
We used lard whipped up with some spices. we would put in on everything, the cornbread and such" said mom.
"the lard was cheaper than butter"? I ask.
"Oh yes much cheaper, pennies only. We had a peach tree. You know dad worked six days for only $15.00. We had a bread truck come by and a ice cream truck. we used to love all the treats in the bread truck." said mom.
"As we got older mom thought we needed butter, to make us strong. So we bought butter as we got older" mom says.
What did you do with the trash?
"you know dad knew everyone, so he would get someone to take it on the way in" she says.
"Yeah you had to make trash, even though you were poor. I mean empty cans and bones and stuff." i say.
"well I didn't do the trash" mom says.
"Dad would get free tickets to the circus. They all knew we had many kids".
Was it a big circus"
"Yeah! he laughed at the clowns, he would laugh! our tickets were not much good." mom says.
"What was wrong with the tickets?
"we were way up in the airline. . .but we could see everything." mom says.

Did you have any animals?
"No we didn't have no animals. But Dad won a chicken, in one of them clubs, like Rotary club. And he loved loved that chicken. That chicken would wait for him." said mom.
Dad would take us to his brothers. His brother was a boot legger, and sometimes he had a car. We never had a car. Most of the time never had a car. Dads brother, he made the booze in his bathroom. His car was not good but it would usually make it up the hills.
Mom, who are your brothers and sisters again?" I ask.
Ruth - oldest sister. Drinked all the time.
Alma - next sister.
Velma - next sister
Tommy, moms closest sister. went to the coast guard and mom rembers her coming home from the coast guard.
James - 3 years old, "He died of cancer. Lived in fort worth".
Then bill was younger than me. He went to the Navy and came back messed up. (he committed suicide).
My mom stops and walks to the bathroom. "Is my mother here or no?" she says.
Me: No, . . .
"Yeah, I thought she passed" mom says.
Do you know how James died, specifically? Did he smoke?
"No, he didn't smoke, not sure. . . James son, during high school, died in mountains. With a friend, they were driving. they drove off a cliff" mom says.
" i remember the ice man coming to the house, with a leather thing on his back to keep the ice from melting. . "
they did that every day?
"yes, about every day. Then I remember my mom making a fire, outside under neath the round tube. then that water was hot she would put our clothes in it and mix it up. to wash. And me and my sister we would play in the water also with the clothes. it was fun. my mom would tell us to walk around. . .we didn't know any different that it was work. it was fun. " mom says.
"Once a week mom would take a hike to the bakery. Once we got there usually a long line. But that was nice. then sometimes I would wet my pants, had to go all the way back soaking wet. in our yucky clothes.
"Do you remember the graduation high school?" I ask
I played Cello, for the graduation. advanced orchestra. I sang a song for graduation, I used my older sisters really nice dress.
Dad would always make sure the house was clean, he would call the house on the phone and talk to mom to get it clean", mom says.
Mom talks about the band.
"dad thought we would go to hollywood. but his dream was broke from the girls not wanting to do it, they wanted to go on dates and such.
Mom, who did you say was an alcoholic?
"Everybody!" my mom says.

Where was the movie theater?" I ask.
"It's on seventh street." mom says.
"Wow you remember the name of the street that the movie theater was on?" I ask.
"Oh yeah I remember" mom says. Recent map of 7th street looks like downtown fort worth, new construction and probably nothing like it was.
"On the curb of the movie theater, there was delicious popcorn. It was sold by my neighbor, an old man."
"It as about a quarter to get into the movie and get popcorn".
"They had people come in an put on a show between the two movies. get a fresh act, that was a treat."
Wow, two movies and a live show, and popcorn, for 25 cents. Pretty good deal." I say.
"heck yeah, all our friends would be there".
"When I got old enouth to work, I worked at the theater. I wore a blue uniform, we had to wear that crazy ugly thing. When I got older I worked there selling popcorn"
"After I was a teenager, here in los angeles. I worked at a theater. After work, it was late, and
On the way home from the theater, a small shack sold chili and hot dogs. I would stop there and you had to walk into it. I hadn't paid for it, one time I sat there eating and then realized I didn't have a quarter!. I asked a stranger, a man, for a quarter.
One time on way back from work a short stranger tried to grab me. . .I screamed and he ran off. he looked like he was in high school. I talked to the police. Police asked how it went down. I told him I spun around and screamed."
I ask mom about the picture of her dad and herself on a bus. Only picture of her dad that I can recall.
"That picture, I was about 20, had been there a few years by then. I think we lived in glendale."

as a kid:
The doctor said he would do the work for free. He said something was wrong with my back, and he removed fluid from my back. He wanted to do surgery on my eyes.
We lived on Dagget Street then, when I went to the doctor for my eyes, and we had a county gym right around the corner.
Dagget looks like more civilized area. about 2 miles north of Annie street (first house).
"We had a bus line, and a gym around the corner" mom says.
"I remember you telling me that crazy story" I said.
And he told me, that soon I would have a really bad pain. And when I got home, for two weeks I stayed in bed, whew. . .I layed there and cried and everything. Mom had to work, so my sister watched me." Mom says.
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