Rod (ruderod) wrote,

spy on you

looks like its time to go back to postal mail. Yes the government can read my postal mails also, but it takes more effort, and I doubt they would get much from the average person if they tried to intercept every postal letter. I suppose they did that back in world war II and could be done again. How afraid is our government? Or, is this more about certain people being afraid? Like someone revealing a complete failure of a top secret program, all from one contractor? Or the failure of a overseas outpost whose security was mismanaged from someone(s). There is a money trail here.
As someone who worked in a top-secret program, I understand that most people in those programs are good honest, hard working people.
Sure maybe our government is trying to keep us safe. I am glad you trust them. I don't.

Yahoo Scanned eMail for US Government
Tags: nsa
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