Rod (ruderod) wrote,


looking at some pics I took of a US Navy ship in the Pacific Ocean.
Made me think about the stress on the bridge whenever the ship is operating close to shore. I hated being up there some times. In this pic I can see a guy with gold feathers on his cap, maybe the captain of the ship? Freak an egg, especially if the captain gets up on deck. Sitting there dropping anchor and then pulling anchor, yep stress city in the bridge. Constant readings. . .constant lookouts, where is that sailboat? How far from shore? Depth reading please!! What a pain. Glad I didn't have to be up there much for that.

Much rather do watch when sailing the open seas in 2000 feet deep water. Much less stress.
I do remember a time in the middle of the pacific ocean, very far from anywhere, when the captain walked up into the bridge.
"what in the hell? OFFICER OF the deck, what is this???" the captain said.
Everyone thought, oh shit. Someone is in trouble.
The captain goes on a rampage on the officer of the deck and calls to get the navigator, or someone from what I recall. It has been like uhh over 20 years ago now.
"How did we get water level this low?" the Captain asks.
The fresh water of the ship had become very low. On a steam powered ship like the LSD-36 USS Anchorage, this is a cause for concern. The captain should have been notified before the fresh water level became low!
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