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good read - audio book
I'd like to read more from Theodore. This is a pretty easy read, something you can listen to while doing chores. Really good documentary / nature audio book.
In the book Theodore has Kermit with him, which is his son. Misleading is that there is another Kermit, Kermit Roosevelt Jr. Kermit named his son after well, his own name. The later Kermit worked for the early CIA, and was part of a coup in Iran.

Kermits role in the coup, that's old history and I can only imagine the world then. I know that my father told me, communism back then was a big deal. Communism was like a plague and it was moving everywhere (even in the US). Communism was down right frightful to many, for good reason. Communism was even trying to infiltrate the workers unions, as my Dad told me. To halt communism, well a lesser evil must be done. Did Kermit really believe he would be helping the US? I am sure he did believe that, and in some ways that did help the US. . .as time passes, was it such a good idea for the US to be part of that coup?
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