Rod (ruderod) wrote,


I talked to a "air assault" veteran from world war 2. I saw him at the market with his military ball cap. I chase him down and tell Mason to come here and listen to the conversation.
"Excuse me sir, did you parachute out of airplanes?" I asked.
"Huh, oh. See that, on my hat?" says the veteran.
"Yes. . .it looks like a helicopter." I say.
"Nope, it has no propellers!" he says with a smile.
"Umm. . .looks like a helicopter." I say again.
"No. . .a glider!"
"Oh, world war 2 glider!" I say.
"Yes, now you know how old I am!"
"Umm wow that was some time ago" I say.
"Did you jump out of those?"
"No, no way to get out. no doors" he says with a smile. If only I could peek a bit inside his memory. What stories he must have.
I think about the aircraft. . . why no doors? The gliders must have been so cheaply built they had more of like a trapdoor or like a flap of material that was used as the door? Maybe taped up or something? Hmm.
"yes three airplanes, c40 or c46, they launch in threes, they pulled us up. then cut the rope" the man says.
I walk away in disbelief that the man is 80+ years old and doing his own shopping at stater brothers market. He looks pretty good to be from world war 2. I imagine what he must have looked like as a tall soldier back in the day.
"That was cool, I liked that" Mason says of the conversation.
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