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brown lives matter — do you love brown people?

I recall a heckler talking shit to me about a gulfwar website,  where I talked about the war.  I held back nothing and showed some of the suffering of the Iraq people. . .and someone mentioned to me,  "do you love brown people,  why dont you go live with them.".  Yeap, racism and hatred.

So whats up with that country,  Iran?  Why do they hate white people?  Maybe its because they owe them money!  Looks like Britain is still fighting with Iran on money they owe them.  Really?  Yeap.  And so there you go.  Sometimes hatred and racism is based on MONEY!  Here,  seems like money has something to do with it.  You get to hate people who do not pay their bills!

From the site:

Monday's sentencing came exactly one week after the High Court in London postponed the latest hearing in a £400 million debt dispute that dates back to Britain’s failure to deliver on a 1970s order for Chieftain tanks that Iran paid for in advance.

But Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband Richard says she and her family in Iran have been told explicitly, on more than one occasion, that she will only be released when Britain settles the debt.


ocean birds at Redondo beach


I put this letter around town in the various corners of the internet.  Its a big deal and we need to be aware.  China is owning us left and right and we are letting it happen.  When will your car,  your RV,  everything you own be made in China?  Like she said,  this century could be the century of the Chinese.  

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ocean birds at Redondo beach

facemask mandate

I am glad that Texas is leading the way in not having a mandate for face masks.  You want to wear a mask,  go do it.  Do it every day,  I dont care and I will NOT make fun of you.  I wont say a word.  But dont make me wear a mask.

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I can't believe that bathrooms are closed in some establishments.  You put the workers at risk,  because now people cant not wash themselves?  

People are now spreading every type of disease known to man,  because they cant wash their hands.  Stupid.  Really?  Subway restaurants is one of them I noticed,  but there are others.  Close the bathroom so that we get really bad hygiene and spread diseases.  Where is the science to any of this?

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a bit disgusted at the tirade of fear.  A fear of death and disease.  Really.  Lets get some faith that life will continue.  Faith.  Bummed that the Getty is still closed due to fear of the nasty flu.  Come on.  We work to play,  lets play and learn at the museum.  I wonder what Mr. Getty would think about the lockdown?  He put his life money into this place. . .and no one can visit.   


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blood sugar

I know someone who started measuring and taking their blood sugar.  This person was doing it because of old age and poor health.   Since I love measuring things,  I bought one.  They are pretty low cost.  I got this ContourNext unit for $10.00 at Walgreens.  And the test strips were around 50 cents each.   They were on sale also,  so 75 strips and the unit was like 30 dollars.   Nice deal.  The contourNext,  it has bluetooth and a APP.   I have not used the Bluetooth as of yet.  For quick and low cost measuring,   I recommend this one.  Easy way to measure your blood sugar.  

For me,  I wanted to see if there was a correlation between my headaches and low/high blood sugar.  I also wanted to see my numbers in general,  as I am starting to diet and want to make sure I am actually have low blood sugar,  or is it just a fake craving for food.  Scientific?  Maybe.  I am measuring three (3) things now,  on my diet plan.  I measure:  Weight,   BMI/fat percentage,  and blood sugar.  It's measuring and it's a start.  

Oh and meter is made in Japan.  


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you dont need your guns

Watch this and think about your rights.  Your rights are going away,  and fast.   The ability to purchase guns has been throttled during the pandemic,  by the way.  The states and feds slowed the process of buying guns.  Did it happen on purpose,  or were they just overloaded with paperwork?  The amount of guns bought in the last 12 months was higher than last year. 

Do you need to tell the government EVERY TIME you buy ammunition?  I say no.

Are you afraid of your neighbor or your government?  They both have guns.  Which one are you really afraid of? 

And do not be surprised when these type of videos disappear from Youtube.   Because of advanced AI in the cloud,  it is trivial for Youtube to censor such content and they do it ALL THE TIME.  Youtube already penalizes these type of videos and pays the 'high risk' content creators less money than the cute cat videos.  Really, youtube is evil?  Hell yes.  they are evil.   It is true,  I have a friend who does 'high risk' content and his content is even less politically correct than this stuff.  So watch your freedoms,  freedom to watch, freedom to defend yourself.  Those rights are going away.  

And you dont believe that youtube will ban these videos?  Look here

Freepress used to be an ok group,  now they want to basically allow prisoners every right in the world,  make you give up your guns, and become a socialist.  Yes, there are many groups trying to take your guns, and remove your ideas.  They forced facebook to remove the words "stop the steal" from all conversations.  Look at the link above!  and they are proud they did it.  Really?  Was the vote not stolen?  And even so,  what about freedom of speech?  It doesnt matter,  what matters is you get nothing and like it.  You get no freedom,  no ideas,  you cant talk about a stolen election.  Not on facebook.  And guns are there.  . . they will be next.