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Rod's Journal
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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
7:36 am
A peer at work sent me this link about startup strategies. http://firstround.com/review/hypergrowth-and-the-law-of-startup-physics/?utm_campaign=new_article&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter

There are some good lessons there, but I disagree on some points. For one, a management program should exist for any great company. This includes a management training course, for any new or existing managers. They must complete the course. Having a management training course helps stabilize management process across the various departments.

And I didn’t read the entire article, so maybe it’s in there. The part I did not see is regarding promoting from within. This is a powerful strategy that helps boost morale and keeps teams small, lean and functional.

When new managers or leaders are needed, I would also suggest that these positions maybe temporary. For example, a project manager maybe consider a management position, correct? Well why not hire temporary project managers to help offload work from a overloaded employee? Any temporary position will save money in the long run.

This was a great article. Start up business is partly art and partly science. Cutting edge technology needs to be married with precise methods. What I say is this. Work the process. Find out what works great for your team. And keep doing it. Doing it every day. And the next day. Before you know it, you have worked the process and you were on to the next challenge.

Copyright 2018 Rod Deluhery
Friday, May 11th, 2018
12:44 pm
Took bus to Anaheim today. Had a good talk with a stranger, Joel. Seemed like a neat, down to earth person. He was reading the Bible. He appeared smart and mature for his age. He only had voice cell service, when I asked him to send something to him. Amazing how many people do not have data services, and many no service whatsoever)except WiFi 802.11a/g.
I take a lunch at McDonald’s. A lady sits across from me, using McDonald’s WiFi to make the call. Pretty neat you can make phone calls for free nowadays. As I waited in line for my salad, I see a man with a apple smart watch, he looks odd. I talk to him, and he seems surprised.
“Do you like your watch?” I say.
Suddenly he walks out the store! Mumbles something. Wtf? Did he think I was going to take his watch? That was odd.
Later on I see the security guard asking a near homeless person what she is doing there. What a sucky job, kicking people out of McDonald’s for using free phone service. The guard is having a decent conversation with her and seems not to want to kick her out. That’s nice.
7:42 am
Umatilla accident
Wow I spent a lot of time on this. Nasty part of our history, for sure. This is 10 years old now. I haven’t researched this since then

Maybe someday it maybe ok for someone to do a documentary on this? Copyright 2018 Rod Deluhery
Monday, April 23rd, 2018
9:33 am
earth day
I read and watch so little news nowadays that I didn’t hear that earth day was coming. I recall so many earth days where I had passionate ideas to save the planet. . . organize protests, market information about the effects of pollution and such. As years pass the passion to do something on earth day, for me, is replaced with the busyness of life. Also my own children become more important tasks. And the mature mind begins to tire of the thousands of new ideas it can create every day. . .the hopes and possibilities are truly endless. . .but time is not endless.

I am glad my organization reminded me about Earth Day. That actually makes me reflect on my life and things that are important.


Saturday, February 3rd, 2018
9:23 am
vmware and infoblox
Need help with Vmware design? Vmware can be a great asset for organizations. Call us for help with vmware.

Need help with other virtualization technology? We have certified microsoft technicians to help you with Hyper-V and with other platforms. Call us at 951 384 0104
Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
9:39 pm
artificial intelligence scripts - phishing
Spent a bit tracking down a nasty phishing site,  I submitted it to mcafee security database:
I also used WHOIS and found the hosting provider for this site, looked shady to me so I added them as a bad site also.

Self help for spammers and phishing.

Get a phish email?
Go to trustedsource.org website and submit site as a bad site.   They tell you what they know, if anything about the site.  They call it a reputation.  You can help flag the site as a malicious or bad site,  which again they call good or bad reputation.

If Mcafee shows the site as not categorized, you can select to label them (phish site, spam, other bad things).  Taking the time to do this helps!   Doing so updates mcafee database which is one of many tools people use for security software.
Need help with security software?  Contact us
10:42 am
bee basic electricity and electronics for kids
I am going to be teaching a elective / enrichment class for 3rd - 6th grade kids.  I have done this twice already and am getting better at it.  Would like any input on good ideas for small, simple robots the kids could build.  I found many on youtube,  and the Pixaxe comes to mind but a little difficult.
Also if you need any help with electronics classes for youth, email me at rod.deluhery@gmail.com
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
8:23 am
The taught us about this in 1989 in Navy. In those days, it was the power amplifier of choice. Need to move something?  Is that something really heavy, like a 5 inch guns and the 16 inch gun?  Or what about a crane or big equipment?   Nowadays you would use large solid state amplifiers.   But another way is the amplidyne!
What is the amplidyne?  It is a amplifier that uses moving parts, and magnets!  Amplidynes for the most used tube amplifiers, which drove the amplifier function (using an amplidyne).  This powerful output from the amplidyne was used on gigantic motors. Those motors then took that modulated electricity amd did the heavy lifting.  Imagine you need a amplifier with a 100-1000x-10,000x boost in current! Amplidyne is one way.  That powerful current could smoothly turn a heavy equipment.
Need help with amplifiers or electronics?  Call us.
8:12 am
digital versus analog. Position indicator. Position replicator.
Good article about the syncro used in most analog computers
Syncros are mostly history. They are great for positioning equipment or systems. They can do algebra when connected in a fashion to do math.  This is the heart of most analog computers.
They have different types of syncros. One type is the TDR. That stands for Torque Differential Receiver (TDR)
Input: Electrical data supplied from two TX's, two TDX's or from one TX and one TDX (one connected to the rotor and one connected to the stator).
Output: Rotor assumes position equal to the algebraic sum or difference of two angular inputs

Synchro equipment also can be used to simply mirror a position. Connect two of them together like below, and the position of one is replicated on the other:

Not cheap to build a analog computer. Good synchros go for about 400 each, used.
Need help with amplifiers or electronics?  Call us.
Monday, January 22nd, 2018
7:45 am
malware - ransomware
Read about the malware samas / samsam:

tool used to find vulnerable systems. Also used to run remote code (a hacking tool).

note ransom can be 22 bitcoin (that’s like $220,000 dollars!! wow)

Remediate your systems with professional help. Call us for network security issues:
7:15 am
Sunday, January 21st, 2018
12:42 pm
Saturday, January 20th, 2018
9:10 pm
Professional or push-button?

Do you want a experience professional, or a pushbutton graduate?  Call me for help if you need IT help.  Networking, building apps, building systems, design.  


9:08 pm
tech conference


Got to go check out some Azure goodness.  Its been about a year since I used Azure.  email me if you are going.

As for Azure,  I hope they fixed their VMs, sometimes would not come back after a reboot.  :)  Only happened a few times but enough to make you think. . .did I just lose my vM?

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
11:41 pm
bitcoin future

reading about some negative opinion about the bitcoin futures that are here and coming.   https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@college-is-dumb/bitcoin-crash-sunday-bitcoin-overpriced-investment-banks-manipulating-futures

But the article talks like this is the first time big money can get into bitcoin.  Wait, big money can already easily enter the market with ETFs that track  bitcoin.  Symbol GBTC (bitcoin investment trust) can be bought via most US markets like Schwab,  Etrade.  So big money, old white guys as they say in the article,  are already bought bitcoin with  these ETF shares.   Unsure what the big deal with futures and how that  would cause bitcoin to oscillate down.   At some point (unsure when)  bitcoin will get more stable.  It is similiar to physics, once you have a  large mass it does not want to move as easy as a small object.  we will  see.

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017
4:54 am
memory hole

was thinking about memories lost and refreshed.  we lose them, memories of a time and place unworthy of imprint.  And as you get older, there are more memories but also more memory holes.  Keep a journal (live journal, anything) and you will find these memories years later.   I found a paper journal from a trip 13 years ago, and I can't remember a few of the events.  

And that made me recall the website memory hole.  a bit different, I think that I liked the old website.  the new one http://thememoryhole2.org/blog/navy-manga

Monday, November 20th, 2017
5:01 pm

A few things on bitcoin.  For the finance people who ask "where do you buy bitcoin?".  Also there are those people who say "I only invest in things I understand".  Well bitcoin is complicated, but its not difficult to get into either.  You can load an app on your Iphone, and get into bitcoin within 10 minutes.  Seriously it is possible.  But maybe you should understand some issues first.  

NYSE Bitcoin Index,   ticket NYXBT,  is a index of bitcoin.  You can't buy this.

You can buy other ETFs and closed end funds that track bitcoin.  One such is GBTC.  This tracks the bitcoin price around 1/5 to 1/10 of the bitcoin price.  So if bitcoin is at 10,000 per bitcoin, GBTC might be around $2000 per share.

Some other currency related items to track are:

BITCF  https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/BITCF?p=BITCF    this is a penny stock.

BTSC another penny stock

BTCS another penny stock

GBTC This is ETF that tracks bitcoin

If you are afraid of the risk involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you can buy stock in currency trading companies. Financial services and merchant services may in the future support bitcoin.

A few that I see are

SQ   Square (sq).  Or 

PYPL   Paypal

CME http://www.cmegroup.com/   <-  already has bitcoin listed!!

My Opinon:

First, read this link:


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Sunday, October 8th, 2017
6:54 pm
Verizon signal in Albuquerque was dismal. Really we can't run wireless networks in major cities?
Really we need to get this fixed, what the hell? I was shocked how bad the internet access was over Verizon. And this is a flat city! No hills inside he city, easy transmission it should be. We need gsm type phones and more choices of carriers.
Friday, October 6th, 2017
7:57 am
electronic kits for kids - picaxe

About 75 minutes of time elapsed as I searched the internet for my favorite electronic starter kit, the picaxe!  I had forgotten the name and there happens to be thousands of electronic kits on the market.  Only a few of those are very easy to use, very capable, and simple to operate.  The last classes that I taught did not have the budget for these, but next time we will try.  In my electronic classes I like to give kids a electronic multimeter (5-10 dollars each), some electronic parts, led, resistors, small switches ($5 dollars), 4 AA battery and battery pack ($8.00).  Breadboard ($5.00).  Breadboard wires ($2.00).  = $25.00 in parts.   You can get most parents to pay $25.00 for those parts for a several day class.  Electrical safety is important and spend one class entirely on electrical safety.  Once children start to learn about electricity, well you have to warn them of the dangers.  I have a document that I give the parents, and I make the parents sign the document.  I do this to make sure the parents see two things:   1.  that the kids will be bringing home electronic parts at the end of the class.  2.  that the kids were taught a bit on electrical safety.  I don't want to get lectured by some parent that I helped endanger their child.  Any accident the kids have will be very minor - compared to an accident they could have with zero knowledge of electricity!!

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Saturday, September 16th, 2017
4:03 pm

starting to look at altera FPGA.  I see in MAX10 product they have mipi_pixel inputs, 24 data lines? and clock and horizontal sync and vertical sync (maybe?).  These mipi lines are for image processing (usually from a camera).  The details appear confidential and you need to be in the mipi alliance to read details.  I hate this crap.  Bluetooth does the same thing, details of bluetooth are not public.  

anyway the paid specs are available below.


anyone know a different way to understand how the MAX10 uses the mipi data?  Or do I need to reverse engineer, i am sure others have attempted.  

appears to be a high bandwidth way to get camera data into a processor.  I can imagine such a fast interconnect would be ideal for high resolution cameras.  

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